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Guild Wars 2 News Feed 

I’m Branden Gee, one of the gameplay programmers working on Guild Wars 2, and I’m excited to announce a bunch of new changes and features for the camera system that Ryan Diedrich, Joel Helmich, and I have been worki...
Published Feb 27, 2015
The World Tournament Series is the pinnacle of Guild Wars 2 PvP competition. The top teams from North America, Europe, and China will go head-to-head in Boston with the goal of taking home the title of World Champion and the li...
Published Feb 27, 2015
As we began populating the Heart of Maguuma with new creatures and new challenges, we saw an opportunity to take a system that exists in the game—the Defiance boss effect—and make it both easier to understand and more conduci...
Published Feb 26, 2015
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