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Guild Wars 2 News Feed 

The question I get most often (right after ”Where’s the auction house?”) is whether my employees and I use our own products. Of course we do! This week we’ll be bringing back some of our favorites, along with a new set of mot...
Published May 24, 2016
Europe Orange Logo vs. Purple Noise Orange Logo grabbed their second victory of the season 500–343 over Purple Noise in Temple of the Silent Storm. They continued to surge forward on the Forest of Niflhel map, where they won game t...
Published May 20, 2016
Shoutcasters Jebro and Heurix will be hosting a new episode of On Point this Friday. They’ll recap the week’s Pro League matches for both North American and European leagues, break down key moments in league play, and discuss chang...
Published May 19, 2016
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